Companies that make a greater effort to reuse materials can put their carbon footprint in the spotlight while also thinking about the future of their office development. The United States Business Council for Sustainable Development (USBCSD), in association with major corporations like Nike and General Motors, has taken part in an online pilot project designed to create a clear line between companies to transform waste into reusable materials.

Among the goals of the National Materials Marketplace are lower costs for participating businesses and greater stimulation of local economies. Over the course of three months, the pilot project will allow users to exchange information about materials online. The results will later be evaluated by the project team and participants.

In a press release on this initiative, USBCSD executive director Andrew Mangan described the growing need for better resource and waste management to create a viable business economy that draws from renewable sources.

“The increasing pressure on our natural resources sends a clear message: we need to find value in discarded materials,” Mangan said. “Growing cross-industry collaboration for the efficient use of our resources is promising. This opens up new business opportunities while creating economic, environmental, and societal benefits.”

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