Is your business unsure about the importance of adopting LEED standards? A newly announced collaboration involving the United States Green Business Council (USGBC) shows the importance of the LEED system as an international series of guidelines, not just one for U.S. buildings.

According to a press release from the USGBC posted to their website by Marisa Long, the organization is working with certification specialist Bureau Veritas to address green buildings in various markets around the globe. As the COO for the USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, said in the release, the new effort is meant to bring local support to green building teams and support for customers that want to pursue certification.

As we have said before, materials reuse can be an important part of LEED accreditation, with several credits pertaining to the way materials are managed and reused. By ensuring that reused office furniture accounts for 30 percent of the budget, for example, companies can earn one point and lessen the amount of resources used to produce furnishings.

The end of the release reinforces the importance of LEED and how this deal could lead to it continuing to flourish as a major aid for constructing green buildings.

“The growth of LEED reflects its global adaptability as the world’s most widely used and recognized system guiding the design, construction, operations and maintenance of green buildings,” the USGBC release states. “LEED is a critical tool in creating structures that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions; create healthier indoor environments for building users and lower utility bills for building owners through reduced energy and water use.”

Experienced furniture companies in the California area know how to meet custom office requirements while satisfying the need for LEED-friendly furniture reuse.