As this blog has discussed multiple times, wood is one of the materials that can contribute to sustainable purchasing credit under LEED. For offices that want certification, it’s worth purchasing items that are composed of at least 50 percent Forest Stewardship Certified wood. However, any business can benefit from access to high-quality wood materials.

To make locating sustainable wood easier, the American and Canadian Wood Councils recently collaborated with the Building Materials Reuse Association to launch This online resource contains multiple features designed to connect visitors with both relevant product information and qualified sources of wood recycling. Ideally, users could turn to this site to learn more about reuse strategies.

There’s an extra advantage for LEED candidates as well, since the site puts a focus on local businesses. Currently, the main page contains links to 18 categories of reused wood products, including engineered flooring, doors, windows and consumer goods.

In a press release announcing this new resource, Robert Glowinski, head of the American Wood Council, said that the site represents a possible step forward for wood products companies.

“Our industry wants to do its part when it comes to the full life-cycle impact of our products. It’s our hope that this directory will help educate builders, designers and consumers on the many opportunities to salvage, recycle or reuse wood products, in turn reducing waste,” Glowinski said.

This resource shows the increasing importance of reusing materials as environmental imperatives gain more attention. Quality Office Liquidations makes green office solutions accessible as companies attempt to shrink their carbon footprint while being mindful of their budget.