Office furniture reuse can encompass large changes and smaller ones. Quartz recently looked at a search engine that spotlights different offices around the world. One of the more elaborate examples include shipping containers transformed into workspaces.

With “reuse” such a hot topic in office design, the question arises: what makes a practical choice for your business? The ideal green office solutions will be both productive for a business’ carbon footprint and relatively easy to implement. Local California furniture specialists will source pieces from nearby organizations and help businesses work from there, as opposed to targeting overambitious changes from the beginning.

A study from the sustainability organization WRAP from 2011 looked at some of the different benefits from reuse in the office. These include saving money on disposing of furniture in traditional ways, as well as the financial benefits of adding jobs in the reuse industry. It also specifically looks at the reuse effects associated with finding desks.

“The most important parameter for all indicators is the extent of avoiding the purchase of new desks as a result of reuse — the so-called displacement effect,” the report reads. “If all desks reused through this pathway were bought in place of new items, the greenhouse gas savings could increase to almost 2.5 tonnes CO2-eq per tonne desks.”

Environmental office solutions may be more effective if companies can match them to their current office size and design needs. If you want to make practical changes to the current emissions level in your business, working with qualified providers will give you a good place to start for realistic improvements.