For many, making the morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee in the office is a well-worn daily ritual, and technology has evolved to make it simpler to do so. However, even though making coffee can be a matter of just loading the Keurig machine and pressing a button, there are other concerns related to it that every office worker should keep in mind.

When planning the setup of the workplace, office managers should remember to arrange the quality office furniture they buy to account for how often the staff will head for the coffee machine, whether it’s in a separate break​ room or out in the open where anyone can access it.

Here are some important things to keep in mind to make preparing office coffee less of a hassle:

  • Check the coffee maker for safety: As CNET reports, coffee machine makers Keurig recently recalled more than 6.5 million of their instant brewers in the U.S. alone because they could overheat. If your office depends on one of these devices, check the barcode on the bottom to make sure it isn’t one of the compromised models.
  • Keep things clean: Sharing a common coffee maker means shared responsibility for keeping it clean. You don’t have to have an office policy where everyone cleans the machine, but you should at least make it clear when this device is cleaned and how you plan to keep the area around it tidy.
  • Proper water use: To save water and keep your company relatively efficient, it can help to be frugal when brewing. Make an effort not to waste water by teaching employees to use all of the water they add to the machine.

This is an example of how knowledge of how many different staples of office life can be assessed as part of a better path toward green office solutions.