Sustainability concerns aren’t just for smaller businesses, as the results of a survey from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) show. The organization surveyed 48 Fortune 200 companies to assess interest in the LEED program, which impacts building construction and use around the world. Many respondents expressed positive feelings surrounding it. The chief results from this survey could encourage businesses of all sizes to find environmental office solutions that promote LEED goals.

The USGBC referred to the report findings in a press release that listed some of the most prominent percentages. According to this data, the surveyed companies have made the connection between LEED success and more efficient

More than 80 percent said they intend to use LEED over the next few years, for both new construction and retrofitting. Nearly as many reported that LEED shows commitment to sustainability to stakeholders, and 70 percent said they believe the program will ultimately help the business save money.

Earlier this year, the USGBC published a press kit with similar information, in which it stated that more than 60 percent of “corporate leaders” also associate financial improvement with sustainability. Green building owners also reported a higher average ROI for these structures.

In the newer release, the USGBC’s CEO, Rick Fedrizzi, said the new information shows the value of the LEED system.

“We launched LEED 15 years ago so that the world’s leading businesses would have a tool that would deliver the immediate, measurable results they need to prove that what is good for the environment is also good for the bottom line,” he said.

As a vital part of LEED compliance, furniture created through reuse and remanufacture should be a part of any company’s effort to improve their rating. Bay area used office furniture providers are a local source of furniture pieces that fit the bill.