In a press release issued this past December, the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board highlighted the results of a recent University of California Berkeley study pertaining to the way certified LEED buildings in the state have impacted the environment. According to these results, many of the more than 100 buildings surveyed achieved a positive effect on energy reduction, diminishing environmental impact in multiple areas.

For example, green house gas (GHG) emissions resulting from solid waste processes were nearly 50 percent lower in these buildings than in local structures that had not been certified. The study was led by Dr. William Eisenstein who explained the results in more detail.

“A notable finding from this work is that by far the largest source of building-related GHG emissions was from the transportation sector,” he said in an official press release. Another noted energy savings connected to LEED buildings was lower GHG through water consumption.

This release came before the most recent ranking from the USGBC of the top ten states for LEED. California placed seventh overall with more than 69 million square feet certified in 2014. Previously, the state tied with New York for fifth place and been specially recognized for the construction of San Francisco’s SFJAZZ Center, which achieved Gold certification.

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