If you ever make your way to southern California, consider paying a visit to northeastern Los Angeles near North Figueroa Street, Eagle Rock, and Colorado boulevards.

As a whole, the Golden State has been working on providing more amenities for cyclists, but this would be Los Angeles’s first attempt at creating a community that is geared toward residents who wish to comfortably use their bikes. Although the official launch won’t be until 2015-2016, LA Dot Bike contributor Elizabeth Gallardo explained growing support for this eco-friendly alternative has been in the works for many years.

“Northeast LA also has abundant commercially zoned corridors and already has significant bicycle infrastructure commitments,” she wrote. “Local Businesses have already generously pledged maintenance responsibilities for Bicycle Corrals and Bicycle Repair Stations in the project area, starting the trend of bicycle friendly business practices.”

Currently, Eagle Rock and York Boulevards have a collection of bike corrals and lanes, which will ease the transition to become a bike-friendly community. Additions to these northeastern Los Angeles streets include signage for cyclists, additional bicycle racks, and repair stations, according to Curbed LA.

Going with this approach will not only help the environment, but will give city dwellers the chance to maximize the use of their bicycles. Evidence of less cars speeding was shown in Long Beach, where their bicycle district program expanded to encompass six parts of the city.

In the meantime, business owners in northeastern LA are told to prepare for these adjustments by purchasing basic bicycle repair kits and other products that may be of use to future visitors and other products that may be of use to future visitors. If your storefront needs to make additional accommodations, making these changes will come with a cost.

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