California is known for many great things, but earthquakes are not one of them. Due to its location near tectonic plates and the San Andreas fault, residents are extremely exposed to seismic activity.

To reduce the risk for people living in the Bay Area, government officials will demolish the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge and replace it with a more earthquake-resistant structure. This bridge has been a part of the San Francisco area since the 1930s, according to Fast Co. Design.

However, local entrepreneur David Grieshaber decided he would not let the city simply demolish tons of steel, just to sell it as scrap to China. Instead, he is launching the Bay Bridge House, a multi-purpose building that would utilize 130 feet out of the 1.97 mile bridge, Atlantic Cities reported.

The three-level structure would include a loft for him and his wife, an apartment for rent and a museum space that honors the history of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

“We see this as bridging the past with the future,” Grieshaber told Cities. “We really want to make this one of the most modern buildings on the West Coast.”

It is unclear exactly when construction will occur, but Grieshaber has an idea on how the building will look. He is looking for lots that could hold the 10,000 square feet idea. Grieshaber also plans on incorporating green recycling technology like solar panels and rainwater capture system, Mother Nature Network explained.

Incorporating a historic landmark into a property is a great way to re-purpose old resources, but business owners can support a greener world without embarking on such a massive project.

Green office solutions can be achieved in a variety of ways. One of the easiest methods to achieve a greener office is through purchasing lightly-used commercial furniture. These pieces can cost a fraction of the price of brand new and they are selected to have a durability that will last and often outlast new alternatives.