Bicycles are making a comeback, and efforts go beyond bicycle lanes and bike-sharing programs in San Francisco and other metropolitan areas in the United States. In Portland, Oregon, the city is working on creating parking spaces for over 1,200 bikes, which would make it the largest space for this mode of transportation in North America.

Portland’s steps to offer parking spaces in the Lloyd District came after the city’s transportation department “cycle zone analysis” showed that it had the highest score in use and potential connectivity in the city with bicycles, according to Bike Portland.

Three apartment complexes in the Lloyd District are under construction.  Every building will dedicate at least one floor for residents to park their bicycles.  The best part about these apartments is that tenants who have bikes will not have to pay rent for their parking space — each unit is guaranteed one bicycle parking spot. Despite these efforts, architect Kyle Andersen thinks it may not be enough for the city that has implemented many environmentally friendly features in recent years.

“The demographic that we expect to show up here is going to be young urban professionals and it’s going to be, we think, young families as well,” Andersen told Bike Portland. “They all have bikes. When I think about my own neighborhood, the families I see riding there, if you move those people into a building they’re still going to have a bike.”

While Portland may not be the first city to tailor to this growing population of bike riders, it remains a vivid example of communities who are actively taking a stance to emit less greenhouse gases and emissions.

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