Sudden changes can make it necessary for a business to downsize its office. When this occurs, companies should take a closer look at their furniture and ask whether it will work in their new space based.

If you decide to sublet office space, for example, or move to a location with slightly less space, environmentally-conscious liquidators could make adapting to change more cost-effective and green overall.

Since many companies have been moving towards subleasing space in San Francisco specifically, it makes sense for these companies to be thoughtful about the furniture they no longer need. As the San Francisco Business Journal recently profiled, multiple factors are leading businesses to rent out parts of their offices, a practice known as “space banking.”

The information comes from CBRE, which found that 30 percent of the twenty largest subleases in San Francisco are subletting for this reason. CBRE director of research, Colin Yasukochi, defined this phrase in more detail for the Journal.

“Space banking means they’ve taken another space and would have already occupied it, but they took more than they needed,” he said. Other companies have had to sublet because they either grow out of the size of their current office or are consolidating for various reasons. In either case, companies have the opportunity to recycle excess furniture instead of disposing of it, knowing that it will go to a good cause as it is reused in another workplace.

Quality Office Liquidations is experienced with liquidating furniture in various settings and will make sure businesses have the information they need about their furniture inventory after it is liquidated. We will also guarantee that it will go to another buyer that can use it.