If your business is ready to radically change the office layout, you’ll need help removing your previous furniture. The “standing office” can create a healthier and more active work environment, with more movement and less sitting. To make room for standing desks and other furniture, businesses can hire office furniture liquidators to process the old chairs and tables so the new ones can be brought in and set to their specifications.

Removing office chairs on a grand scale is a potentially difficult task because some offices have an entire culture built around sitting for meetings and work. Replacing these seats must be strategic to minimize work interruptions and give employees enough time to adjust. With fewer chairs taking up space, workers will have more opportunities for walking meetings, office recreation and other effective uses of the same rooms.

Writing for Forbes, Larry Olmstead describes his experience with standing desks and some of the different options available, as well as his own preferences for getting work done.

“The cheapest and simplest stand-up desks are essentially taller tables or podiums that don’t move (what my wife uses and she stands almost all day),” he says. “But I think the best solution is a variable model that goes up and down.”

When liquidating furniture on a large scale, companies also have the chance to make a positive contribution to the community by choosing a green recycling option that helps to find the chairs a new home instead of disposing of them wastefully.

Businesses making the effort to give up using chairs could end up helping another office that is in need of repurposed chairs. Quality Office Liquidations helps companies change their own workplace and potentially improve others all at once through the same helpful service.