LED lights help save money through energy efficiency. As part of a comprehensive plan of green office solutions, these lighting fixtures could help your office make significant strides to creating a building with a smaller environmental impact.

CapeNews.net reports on the energy savings that LED street​ lamps brought to the town of Falmouth in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. By agreeing to add more than 2,570 new lights starting last June, the town has cut its monthly electricity budget by more than half. One program manager mentioned in the source predicts a long term savings of $35,000 a year, and other towns across the Cape have undergone a similar energy-reduction program.

On a larger scale, LED lights were also used in the Super Bowl earlier this month, according to the United States Energy Information Administration. In a January press release, the organization described how LED lights were able to reduce energy expenses. The source said that the lighting could also have a positive impact on the quality of the broadcast, because the LED would lead to a higher amount of detail for television viewers later.

“The new lights draw approximately 310 kilowatts of energy compared with the 1,240 kilowatts required by the old system, a savings of about 75 percent,” reports the release. “Assuming an electricity cost of 15 cents per kilowatthour, that means the new LED lighting costs about $47 per hour to light the field, compared to $186 per hour using the HID lighting system.”

These large scale examples demonstrate the savings LED lights can create in different settings. They can also benefit organizations working toward energy consumption goals that need to watch their output levels. Start looking for more efficient bulbs to use in your offices today and change the workplace’s overall rates of electricity use for the better.