After 18 years at the same location, KQED Public Television wanted to update their San Francisco facility with a more contemporary space and furniture solution. Being a public entity funded through donations, they had sensitivities regarding budget and environmental issues. They wanted to create an innovative environment that provided good ergonomics for their employees.

The Quality Office Liquidations Design Team worked closely with the KQED management and facilities group to determine the appropriate design and identify pre-owned product to support their objectives. We determined that a Steelcase Answer inventory we obtained in a previous liquidation would be an excellent choice, creating 40 new 6 by 6 workstations that could be “cut down” and modified from 65 to 53 inches high to bring in light and add a more open feel to the space.

To accommodate concerns for noise, we integrated a custom glass stacker onto the panels to add additional sound controls without impacting the openness. In addition, we added new electric “sit/stand” bases to the work surfaces at each station to improve ergonomic and flexibility for various “work styles”. All of the fabric on the panel elements were steam cleaned prior to installation. All components were touched up and cleaned by the team prior to completing the installation.

QOL worked closely with both the electrician and data contractors to allow power and communication cabling to be installed in the panel system. The project was completed in one and a half days, Friday evening and Saturday (before Easter), to negate the impact of any downtime for this workgroup.

KQED is ecstatic about the furniture solution we provided.. They saved 50 percent from the purchase of new furniture and were amazed that QOL could complete the install within the stringent time framesrequired. They are planning additional projects with QOL and their pre-owned furniture solutions team.