Last month, the nation celebrated America Recycles Day. While it’s a good idea to recycle throughout the year, demonstrating your commitment to environmental initiatives can help your business match the recycling efforts of other industry contenders and stay involved with important efforts along these lines.

The program, which took effect in 1997, is sponsored by the Keep America Beautiful campaign. An infographic from Cafe Quill recently featured on Tech Cocktail looks at the different tasks offices can prioritize to minimize environmental damage over time.

These steps include using clearly-labeled recycling bins and double-sided printing to reduce paper waste in addition to recycling ink cartridges properly. The source notes that recycling 100,000 ink cartridges saves the equivalent of 1,000,000 liters of oil, or more than 264,000 gallons. This is a basic waste-saving practice with exponentially larger results.

Recycling extends to being conscious of energy use in the office and getting the most out of every resource. The source also claims that lighting usually accounts for 30 percent of office energy use, making it the highest expenditure compared to other costs like cooling and heating water. By focusing on both recycling products and energy, businesses will make a doubly significant improvement in their efficiency.

In a press release regarding America Recycles Day, Mathy Stanislaus of the EPA described the importance of adhering to the program.

“There is much more to do and communities, businesses, and individuals each have a role to play in making recycling work for everyone,” he said. “By increasing recycling, and reducing contamination in the recycling stream, we can provide the valuable resources essential to a growing manufacturing sector.”

Even though the official day has passed, businesses that use green office solutions will be more likely to make environmentally-friendly decisions that impact all areas of the company.