While environmentally friendly business practices can be celebrated year round, the United Kingdom has an official seven-day period set aside to promote green thinking and behavior. . Even if it isn’t an official “holiday” where you operate your company, your business can apply a similar structure to finding green office solutions.

According to a USDA blog post on the initiative, each day of Green Office Week in the United Kingdom has a theme, from energy use to recycling.

On “Smart Purchasing Thursday,” the emphasis is on finding items that can help promote a green attitude in the workplace. One of the best ways to reduce waste and your company’s carbon footprint is to purchase recycled office furniture. Not only is this option more environmentally friendly than purchasing new furniture, it’s also often more cost effective than buying new.

“Green Office Week” runs from May 12th to the 16th every year, and, according to a press release, was launched six years ago by the U.K.-based label printing company Avery.

The release quoted the company’s marketing director, Fiona Mills, on how Avery seeks to engage businesses in this green initiative. She says that the goal is to spread good behavior around to those who might not be adopting it.

“While many employers appreciate green housekeeping needs to form the cornerstone of its environmental agenda many employees do not see it as part of their work place practice or company culture,” Mills said.

Looking for quality office furniture that can help you stay on target with such plans can be the first step towards a tailored green office plan.

To take the next step towards an eco-friendly office, consider implementing in your office simple ongoing practices like turning off their computer each night or recycling office paper. Adopting small changes throughout your company can make a big difference.