It’s not enough to find a source of new office chairs: your business will need other pieces of furniture that are comfortable, functional and fit into your work environment as well. And, as The Wall Street Journal recently reported, your employees’ height can be a particularly difficult factor when picking the right office furniture.

While you may be able to adjust the height of some chairs, other aspects, such as desk height, armrest height, seat width and lumbar support may not be alterable. The solution, as the article hints, is furniture that fits the right profile already, no “tinkering” necessary.

According to the source, there are 4 million workers in office jobs who suffer with ill-fitting desks and chairs that leave them not only uncomfortable, but potentially exposed to gradual health damage. Having well-fitting furniture already available means these employees don’t need to feel singled out just for seeking a setup that fits them.

One possible answer to this problem was outlined in PayScale Career News by Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, who suggested multiple ways that employees and businesses might acquire ergonomically sound furniture, either by studying official guidelines or seeking out chairs and desks that do fit the individual’s requirement.

It’s important to remember exactly who works in your office and consider whether or not they are being well-served by your current layout. Quality Office Liquidations, a provider of used office equipment, can make the process of locating the right pieces less stressful. With our assistance you can find the correct furniture for your workers’ unique needs.