Earth Day is a fitting time for office managers to think about “going green.” In the days leading up to this environmental holiday, there are several ways to prepare and get everyone who works at the office to start thinking about their carbon footprint more seriously.

In a press release from CalRecycle, the state recycling organization, Director Carroll Mortensen addressed the role that Earth Day has played in the state’s evolution, and the way it can promote unity as different people come together to consider sustainability.

“As a nation we’ve made so much progress in environmental stewardship over the past 46 years, and we’re especially proud here in California to be a recognized leader in conserving resources, respecting our natural surroundings, and becoming more sustainable,” Mortensen said.

Along with some of the more well-known ways of staying environmentally friendly, like using less electricity and promoting recycling, businesses should look into some enduring ways to promote sustainability around the office headquarters that will still be relevant long after Earth Day has passed. The best effect will come from well-made furniture that is also attractive, comfortable and easy to use.

Using remanufactured furniture is a good move for companies that want better green office solutions, both immediately and in the long term. They will receive the instant benefits of well-made office equipment, plus the benefits of using sustainability-friendly pieces, which will reduce their need to buy newer replacement options as soon as they might otherwise.

If your business is interested in starting fresh this April with a new plan for raising the energy savings in your office, consider quality office furniture that has been produced from older materials. Locally sourcing these items adds even more environmental value to your company.