Because they are enjoyable and fun, you probably don’t think of office parties as expanding your company’s carbon footprint. Aside from that, your office might not throw them nearly enough to take their environmental impact into account.

But Harvard University recently posted an interview with a graduate named Jessica Holsey, who runs a recyclable party services company in New York.

In the interview, Holsey points out that there’s a dual issue at work: Some consumers simply aren’t aware of what true sustainability means, while others, even if they want to be green, can’t find the products they need to do so easily.

However, being aware of the problem is the first step to solving it. “I…think that people tend to forget about how much waste that parties and events can create,” Holsey told the source. “One thing I like to do is grab a marker or get some fun stickers and have guests label their cups so that they aren’t ‘chuggin’ then chuckin’ all night long.”

There are ways to spread this awareness in the planning stages to the attendees, so that everyone is more aware of what they can do at the party to reduce waste. It’s not just reusing your cups: You can also place recycling bins in a visible place and encourage visitors to discard their trash in the right place.

When considering sustainability and the modern office, environmental office solutions can be as simple as buying used office desks or as complicated as implementing a full-scale LEED renovation. For more green office solutions, stay tuned to our blog, and remember to contact your Bay Area used office furniture supplier, Quality Office Liquidations, the next time you’re in the market for desks and chairs.