While we’ve discussed the value of both traditional and modern floor plans, businesses today are increasingly choosing the latter: the “startup” environment has proven quite popular.

When adjusting to a more fluid work culture, it is always important to ask what your staff is looking for in the ideal office. Some workers may ask for high-brow changes like installing an indoor basketball court while others may just look for additional workstations to choose from.

Either way, taking the company’s input into account will help executives decide what should stay and which parts of the office can get remodeled, the Sydney Morning Herald explained.

“Once, securing the corner office meant you’d arrived. Now the workplace is all about supporting flexibility, creativity and innovation,” Herald contributor Christine Long wrote. “Closed doors are out. Collaboration is in. As the way we work becomes more fluid, our workspaces are changing too.”

Concerned about paying thousands of dollars to renovate a single room? You shouldn’t be because re-purposing furniture to achieve any of these goals is simple and lightly used quality office furniture solutions are available.

  • Kitchen: This is one of the easiest ways to encourage collaboration without purchasing an extensive amount of furniture because most of the pieces are already in place. If your company already has the essential appliances, create eating areas that encourage sharing. Long benches or movable chairs will do the trick.
  • Lounge areas: Startup companies offer perks like work-from-home and multiple seating areas in the office. Remaining at the “assigned” desk is outdated and it actually inhibits collaboration.Communal tables, plush seating areas, or standing desks will have departments intermingling and developing new ideas that will help your business grow.
  • “Fun” time: While it is important to work hard, giving staffers the option to burn off some steam can actually improve their productivity. It doesn’t have to be  a permanent area like Red Bull’s in-house basketball court, but setting up a karaoke station or video game console is an easy way provide a fun space.

If your office is stuck in the traditional rut, it is not that hard to snap out of it. All it takes is a few minor adjustments. You can also supplement what’s missing with used office furniture. Quality Office Liquidators is the Bay Area’s one-stop shop for lightly used commercial furnishings.