In San Francisco, larger tech companies that were once startups are designing unique offices that represent their brand. Square, for example, took the space of a former Bank of America data center and repurposed the space to express the mobility of their application. While this move is more common in the Bay Area, many businesses have not taken the time to design the office to match the organization’s mission.

Recently, the Association Real Estate Awards recognized nonprofits that had the most unique offices, while reinforcing what the organization stood for.

“If you just build your office space out and you put a bunch of your board members on the wall, you’re sort of doing the as-expected installation in your space,” Tom Fulcher, executive vice president at commercial real estate firm Studley, told Associations Now.

Nonprofits and businesses alike can benefit from office design that communicates a specific message to visitors and clients. Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) was one of the winners who was able to do such by recycling old car parts and vehicles to express that without the auto industry, there would be no AAIA.

This appreciation is visible from the moment visitors enter the office because the front desk is a 1955 Nash Metropolitan automobile. Instead of throwing away metal into landfills, the AAIA uses this as an opportunity to promote green recycling, while showcasing parts of a car.

“It reminds everyone when you walk in the front door why we’re here and who we work for,” Susan Medick, chief financial and operations officer at AAIA, told the source. “We’re lucky that we do a lot of stuff with automobiles and auto parts, so there are a lot of fun things to make the space fun and exciting, and it kind of puts you in a good mood.”

Though the AAIA is based out of Bethesda, Maryland, many San Francisco businesses are doing their part to reuse as many products as possible—even commercial furniture. These carefully selected used business furniture pieces are available to help aspiring entrepreneurs create their own unique and welcome environment.