Whenever a company tries to design a blueprint for the office, a lot factors are considered. The layout of workspaces, meeting rooms, and other work-related features play an important role to the staff’s productivity. One aspect the founders may forget to consider is how the layout will impact the mental health of these workers.

“Depression, stress, substance abuse, financial distress, work-life balance, ADHD, and, yes, even workplace bullying are all issues with which workers are dealing and that have a large drain on productivity,” Business Journal contributor Jennifer Stukenberg explained.

Since the needs of workers can greatly vary, it can be difficult to create a space that will meet everyone’s needs. Nevertheless, using office design as another way to foster a supportive work environment is a positive step toward improving productivity.

If an organization already has an office it is pleased with, consider making these adjustments with used office furnishings instead.

Shared spaces

Communication between multiple departments can occur if these community areas are placed in parts of the office that allow workers to constantly bump into one another. Stukenberg added that this could be achieved with glass windows within the office or a central coffee machine.

De-stress rooms

Sometimes people may not want to work from their desk. Phone calls with clients may have put them into a bad mood or a staff member’s tasks for the day may require more concentration. Consider adding used work stations in quieter parts of the office — away from common meeting areas.

Developing an office that meets the demands of the business’ workflow, brand, and workforce may require some experimentation, which could be expensive. In place of purchasing costly, brand new business furniture at this time, there are other quality office furniture pieces available. These hand-picked commercial items were approved for daily commercial use.