Often, when a business owner thinks of an innovative office, they consider large technology companies. However, most organizations don’t have the same resources as these organizations and the fact is, they’re not necessary.

Architect Denise O’Connor and Smart Company contributor Melinda Oliver agree that creating an office that drives productivity is not as expensive or difficult as it may seem. One key thing to keep in mind are the staff members who utilize the commercial space the most.

“Design is not about imposing a style or aesthetic but working with the client and their employees to draw out what makes them feel comfortable and then building a scheme around that to create the perfect working environment for their needs,” Connor wrote.

When O’Connor was working on renovating an office space for a past client, she asked what the company could change. The answer? “A really comfortable chair.” Traditionally, an office chair can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but lightly used office furnishings will cut down on this expense significantly. Even though this change is much smaller than remodeling an entire space, a worker’s new chair can give him or her a sense of comfort outside of home.

To retain talent, you need a workspace that tailors to their needs. How every department operates greatly differs, so it is important for executives to identify common trends. This way, they can create a more hospitable work environment.

“Also there is a broader atmosphere dynamic which is about people perceiving it as the kind of organization they want to work for – the social capital of an organization, not just being a number,” HASSELL principal Steve Coster told Smart Company. “It is the opposite of anonymity – the big buildings with repeated rows of workstations is not going to cut it.”

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