Ever since the dangers of climate change have become more apparent, more businesses are beginning to do their part to decrease emissions and overall waste. Apple specifically announced its own plans to increase its eco-friendly initiatives with solar panels, lush green spaces and much more.

Although Apple’s plans may be a peek into the future, it is not the only business in Silicon Valley that is working on redesigning its home office — Nividia and Facebook also plan to complete construction by 2015, Inc. Magazine reported. These tech companies indeed have their own niche for what they offer to the area’s booming market; however,  what they all have in common is that they can all be found on Inc. Magazine’s list of the “World’s Coolest Offices of the Future.”

Their headquarters may differ in the design, but the features each of these offices have are all working toward the same purpose: repairing the damage climate change has made on Earth.


What started as a three-man business has expanded across 40 locations, Inc. reported. Nividia’s design is massive, consisting of two buildings next to one another. Despite the size, the computer graphics and processing company is limiting headquarters to have one or two floors because “separating people by floor is known to dramatically reduce their chances of having spontaneous interactions.” Staffers should expect different departments to collaborate with one another in this open-floor office.


Mark Zuckerberg decided to do away with doors inside each of the new office’s buildings. Workers could be entering a work station or meeting room, but they will not be interrupted with swinging or sliding doors. Facebook’s headquarters should look like “one big, sprawling open-plan building.” There will be a vegetable garden and small forest on the rooftop park.

While the green vision for these three businesses is large, aspiring startups do not have to implement similar methods to make a positive impact. Business owners should consider used commercial furniture to maximize their eco-friendly image without impacting the budget. In fact, there is a northern California used office furniture retailer in the Bay Area that can assist business owners who are seeking to use pre-owned furniture to help the environment.