Companies in the Bay Area like Facebook and Square are designing eco-friendly offices, but how does this correlate to their overall brand? At Airbnb, the company’s two-floor headquarters pays its respects to a collection of its earliest clients: each room largely resembles an apartment or home that was available for a temporary or long-term stay, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Airbnb started five years ago after Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky allowed three visitors to stay at their apartment during an interior design conference. Demand for sleeping quarters was at an all-time high because every hotelier in the city was booked, so when the guests offered to pay for their stay, the idea came to life.

Although the idea of subletting an apartment is not new, Airbnb has made subletting a space an international phenomenon. Travelers who do not wish to pay hundreds of dollars per night in a hotel room may pay the same price, or in some cases, less, to have more private living quarters.

Because the space of other people’s homes attributed to Airbnb’s success, the real estate company wanted to recognize such growth by committing a different part of the open-floor plan to one of the many listings on the website.

“We wanted to distinguish ourselves and have the space feel like an extension of our brand,” Joe Gebbia, co-founder and chief product officer of Airbnb, told the news source. “So we thought: What if we brought our brand physically into the space?”

One minute, an employee could be paying a visit to Milan and across the hall, they may find themselves in Copenhagen, but to drive the brand straight to its San Francisco roots, there is a replica of Chesky and Gebbia’s dwellings.

While this design may not work for everyone, University of California Santa Cruz professor Linda Stroh explained that it is important to work in a space that caters to the work culture of the business and the workers who are a part of its success.

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