Before the days of digital television and online streaming, many Americans’ only option to receive premium TV packages viewing involved subscribing to satellite dish services. Now that the options for receiving premium television access have increased, many of these metal structures have become friends with their local landfill.

Tom Cross, an artist and tattooist, found a way to repurpose these aluminum structures, Tree Hugger reported. Based on the design of these dishes, Cross decided to make these into outdoor umbrellas — providing shade and shelter to customers who visit the the Smokey Banana Tattoo parlor in the Denver metro area.

It may be an unconventional way to to utilize satellite dishes, but when they come in sizes like 6 to 12 feet in diameter, they are able to become a decoration and environmental solution for the tattoo shop. Cross explained that the satellite dish was initially used to provide cover for an off-grid property.

Once he realized that they were “light and easy to work with” he began reconstructing and painting these items. To provide additional weight, door screen materials were installed underneath the dishes, which could also be found in local waste sorting centers. To make the structure come to life, all it took was a 4-by-4 foot stand and some roofing paint to decorate the shade.

This is a classic story of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and this mission to reduce waste and reuse readily available products can be applied in the Bay Area.

Time and again, we here at Quality Office Liquidations come across lightly used, but durable commercial furniture. We may give it a touch-up, but soon after that, it becomes readily available to customers and business owners who are looking to spruce up their headquarters without increasing waste, while keeping costs low. Because they are readily available in our showroom, your organization can incorporate these products right into your office.