Businesses may come and go, but the buildings that house these small to large organizations do not go with them.

While some aspiring startups and companies may want to build an office customized to their brand’s vision, it is not always necessary. Repurposing existing spaces to fit the needs of a company is always an option.

Churches for example, have been around for hundreds of years, but when congregations leave these meeting places, many remain vacant for years. At the Broerenkerk church in Zwolle, a city in the Netherlands, one of these spaces was reinvented as a new meeting place.

Built in 1466, this structure was a popular place of worship until 1982 and remained vacant for 30 years, according to Design Boom. Instead of constructing a new building for a group of businesses in Zwolle, a group of architects decided to renovate the space to become a collaborative space.

Visitors who visit this marketplace see this historic structure on the outside, but the inside appeals to the contemporary times. There’s a massive book store, art exhibitions, and a catering company.

“The obvious careful attention given to each connection, material choice, and integration within the existing structure successfully redefines the grandiose proportions and classical geometrics as spaces appropriate for contemporary times,” the source explained.

The four-floor recreated building is an inspiring example of how businesses are able to make the most out of their resources without significantly damaging their bottom line.

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