It can be tough to take your office from energy-wasting to green and be proud of it. The process, however, can reshape the entire way you do business and open up new opportunities for productivity and sustainability.

Implementing environmental office solutions can also help you connect your company to others with a similar mind for green practices and help to develop a community of like-minded thinkers in the corporate world.

An article on Harvard University’s Sustainability website features comments from members of some of the school’s “Green Team Leaders” that can help you transform an office currently stuck in its old ways.

Although this list is specifically geared towards starting extensions of Harvard’s “Green Team” program, any office manager can employ these strategies to encourage environmental consciousness.

A consistent theme seen in multiple points on the list is increasing the scope of your office’s green plan so that it involves relevant members of the company, including building management and other departments.

One of the Green Team members interviewed emphasized that making these initiatives fun can have a big impact. Caitlin Key Alfaro of the Harvard School of Public Health told the source, “Don’t take yourselves too seriously! Even though sustainability work addresses very serious concerns, you’ll get more active participation if you lighten the mood.”

Whether you choose to create your own office Green Team or spearhead a recycling program for used cubicles at your organization, it’s easy to implement green office solutions.

Once you’ve begun investigating these tactics, your company can start looking at all of its operations and various forms of energy use to further reduce your carbon footprint.