Quality Office Liquidations Inc. President Bill Leach was among those attending the ninth and most recent Green California Summit and Expo in Sacramento, California. This event brings individuals from various industries together to learn about green initiatives and witness exhibitions in the current push toward environmentally-friendly technology and performance.

Kevin De Leon, California Senate President De Tempore and this year’s keynote speaker, spoke about California’s potential to embrace more energy-efficient industries, not just for the sake of the planet, but for the benefit of local businesses as well.

In a piece he wrote for the Fresno Bee last month, De Leon cited the importance of supporting green businesses within the state, and referencing the different jobs that will come about as a result. He argued that these jobs will be accessible to a wide group of people and should appeal to all political backgrounds because of this.

“When I look at California’s increasingly post-industrial economy, renewable energy and clean technology are not simply smart for the environment, they are currently the fastest growing job sectors and I cannot help but see a giant opportunity for cities in the Valley,” he said.

The Expo, which ran from April 7 to 8, also featured an education program with sessions for a variety of topics involving green technologies and practices. These sessions included saving water, lowering the carbon footprint for the workplace, and the current state of green building codes, the last of which featured information from the USGBC LEED & CALGreen User Group.

Our presence at this event demonstrates our commitment to keeping pace with important trends within environmental projects and applying our knowledge to green office solutions. Customers should feel assured that we are invested in the future of the state and always excited to promote green practices.