While many people like to be organized, is there some truth to the old image of the “genius” who has his or her personal space cluttered with notes and equipment?

Your company can counter this stereotype with quality office furniture which can lead to better performance without ignoring employees’ personalities.

For a case study in the relationship between messiness and success, look at ZDNet’s recent profile of Linus Torvalds, one of the forces behind the creation of Linux. Because of his legacy, Torvalds is a major name when it comes to technology and software, but the description of his personal work environment sounds recognizably human.

Torvalds reportedly tends to keep things around even if they are only taking up space. He admits that this perhaps isn’t the most efficient way to structure an office, and attributes the habit to his own personal failings.

“When I get new technology which happens quite often I don’t want to throw the hard disks out,” Torvalds told the source. “So I literally have a pile of hard disks that have accumulated over the last 15 years. I know I’m supposed to wipe them or use a hammer on them and then throw them out but I’m just too lazy.”

This can be easier to get away with in a home environment than in a shared workspace, but it’s still important for office managers to think about how employees can keep from overflowing their individual areas with clutter. If the desk itself has built-in features for efficiency and organization, then the employees might be on the road to better productivity.

A supplier of good used office desks can give each worker a chance to organize their space by providing them a design which promotes bringing order out of the occasional chaos that comes with a busy work environment.