Problems can arise when offices don’t know how to correctly and efficiently handle older furniture when it’s time to discard it. By working with qualified Northern California used office furniture liquidation specialists, businesses can solve their surplus office equipment issues and avoid some of the more damaging (and illegal) ways that people try to get rid of their office equipment.

One possibly related issue to having overwhelming amounts of office furniture is illegal dumping. In an attempt to clear out their building, ill-advised business owners could either throw away their seats, desks and other furniture pieces or dump them in an illegal spot. This February, Oakland Public Works in Oakland, CA, started a reward program to curb this practice by offering incentives for reports of illegal dumping activity.

A press release from the organization said that the city of Oakland loses more than $5 million annually because of illegal dumping. The mayor of the city, Libby Schaaf, said that this is a problem that drains city resources and impacts the lives of inhabitants directly.

“Coming forward to safely report illegal dumping allows residents who care about Oakland to work with City agencies to stop this criminal behavior so our limited resources can be used to enhance our great City and make it more livable for all residents,” Schaaf said in this statement. Last year, Oakland approved a measure to draw incentive funds for reporting illegal dumping behavior from the fines issued for doing so, creating something of a trade-off.

Instead of turning to disposal that takes up space and burdens the community, businesses should look for furniture processing solutions that are simple and create a greener office environment. Office liquidators in northern CA can respond to furniture disposal demands, work on a tight deadline and give your office peace of mind as well as a wealth of information about the aftermath of a furniture liquidation operation.