When it’s time to source new office desks, the company with the greatest selection will be the most valuable to you. Why? Because from their long list of items, you can choose which pieces work for you, and which don’t.

There’s more than just productivity on the line when you choose a desk: If it doesn’t mesh with the office environment you’ve created, you run the risk of creating a jarring sense that something is out of place. It’s not just about the level of professionalism, but about the way that everything in your office fits together.

NewscastStudio recently analyzed a few examples of this effect. It has criticized both CNN and Fox News New York for using desks in their studio sets that don’t match up with the general aesthetic of the rest of the set.
The blog took specific potshots at the desk featured on the latter program, saying that it looked out of place when dwarfed by two giant television screens.

“Along with not matching the Fox look, the desk would look better in a lawyer’s office,” the source stated. “The station’s main anchor area could use a makeover; it’s been on the air since 2006.”

Granted, there may be natural times when a new look is appropriate. ABC’s Diane Sawyer recently announced her departure from that network, sparking interest in what will happen to the World News program after she leaves. It’s likely that the set and the news desk will be revamped to account for the change.

It’s the same for your office: Changes in leadership staff are a great opportunity to refresh both your physical office space and your company’s image. Turning to a provider of used office desks allows you to revamp your business’s appearance while still keeping the bottom line front and center.