Looking to both improve the environmental standing of your business and obtain high-quality office furniture? Consider looking for pieces made from recycled material. Not only does reusing old items make the best of discarded material, it allows businesses to give themselves a very particular style that also benefits the planet.

Slate recently reported on one example of this design principle at work: a company that uses discarded wooden pallets to make cabinets, desks, chairs and tables. Daniel Becker Design Studio uses secondhand wood to create furniture that looks casual and hand-made, and retains the telltale lines and edges of pallet planks. At the same time, the company deliberately tries to avoid anything that looks too “rough.”

The head of the Studio, Daniel Becker, told Slate that the pieces they make aren’t supposed to resemble the roughness of some other recycled furniture elements that are becoming popular.

“The looks of the pure ‘pallet on wheels’ pieces are very rough and DIY-like,” he said. “This is not what most customers expect when they buy furniture in a shop.” He also told the source that they deliberately want to make a kind of recycled furniture that is also unique and stylistically sound. “It seemed like an unwritten law in the past that you have to recognize recycled products from miles away.”

This is also a sign that the recycled furniture you choose can improve your aesthetic appeal while being environmentally friendly. Green office solutions do not require your business to sacrifice the qualities of traditional office furniture for a smaller carbon footprint, as you can have chairs and tables that are fashionable, comfortable and well-made.