Companies looking for new quality office furniture should ask themselves what they want beforehand and create a budget to make shopping easier. Breaking down costs and looking at each piece individually will also give office managers a chance to prioritize what they really need. From there, they can turn to products by some of the highest-quality names in furniture.

For example, Fox 29 recently reported on how Texas A&M San Antonio has furnished its president’s suite. The institution reportedly spent more than $112,000 on furniture alone, but a communications representative for the university, Marilu Reyna, said this was within budget.

Reyna also explained why the university spent so much on certain pieces for President Maria Fernandez Ferrier’s office, as well as the artwork hung within it, on which more than $37,700 was spent.

“The chairs were for long-term use so we wouldn’t have to replace them every four years,” Reyna said. “This is a $70 million building and so there is obviously appropriate furniture and fixture.” She added that the art pieces were created by “iconic artists like Joe Villarreal,” and that the money was spent on ways to make the campus building “beautiful.” The artwork will reportedly rotate throughout the building.

Your company doesn’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on furniture to set up a great workspace, though. Comparing pre-owned and newly-manufactured items will help you determine the purchasing plan that is most feasible.

Whether it’s Herman Miller, Steelcase or Haworth, your business can create a workable budget to guide you based on the different pieces that you need. These brands offer pieces that will be valuable to different companies based on their current needs, available space and funds.