Every day, millions of people leave their homes and head to work. Depending on their line of work, the day can quickly become overwhelming.

While it is important to get the job done, it is equally valuable to take time to de-stress and start again. Some offices may not have the most therapeutic setting, but it us up to business owners, as well as employees, to identify ways to help one another relax.

Otherwise, a workstation that makes workers cringe may inhibit productivity and create a work setting that builds on anxiety and lots of pressure, Paid to Exist founder Jonathan Mead explained.

There are many ways to create a relaxing office and a few of these adjustments can work with the use of quality office furniture. Not every change applies to all employees, but these shifts have been proven to help staffers relax. These suggestions were compiled from a list found on Body and Soul, an Australian lifestyle magazine, and Mead’s article.

Kick your feet back

After hours of standing and walking around, taking the time to prop your feet up on an ottoman or bench can make a huge difference. Body and Soul also recommends laying on the floor with your legs up on the wall. This method may not be as feasible in the workplace. Because this furniture is intended for your feet, purchase a lightly used foot rest from office furniture liquidators in northern CA.

Listen to music

If your mood changes throughout the day, make sure the music playlist supports these adjustments. Mead finds that a Japanese bamboo flute artist or the Vitamin String Quartet helps him write.

Clean up the work station

When you get to your desk in the morning, does the clutter immediately become an eyesore? If so, it’s time to stow away everything that is not needed at the moment. This approach enables employees to focus exactly on the tasks at hand, instead of worrying about what should be accomplished in the near future.

“If our desk is filled with unnecessary folders or projects that don’t need our immediate attention, we’ll easily become distracted and lack focus,” Mead added.

Personalize the workstation

Work takes up a significant portion of our lives, so making the space more of our own gives us a sense of comfort. However, there is a fine line between hanging up photographs of loved ones and creating a desk that is full of too much clutter.

Leave the desk

At times, it can be hard to do this, but it makes a significant difference. Employees who take the time to step away from the computer and go for a walk are more capable of relaxing than those who take mental breaks going on websites that aren’t related to work.

Some of these changes require additional pieces of furniture, others not so much. In situations where an office is in need of additional furnishings, but its manager doesn’t want to pay the high cost of brand new furniture, a visit to a Bay Area used office furniture liquidator is in order.