The Bay Area has been booming for tech businesses, but for some companies, the cost to operate in northern California is getting too high. Earlier this year, EventBrite, an online ticketing website, signed a lease for a new office space, Business Insider reported.

The 300-person business has been around for more than seven years, but nowadays, it is getting “very hard to stay in San Francisco as a growing tech company,” EventBrite co-founder Julia Hartz told the source. Although the ticketing service looks forward to its new home in San Francisco, it cost her a pretty penny.

“I just signed a lease that made me want to throw up,” Hartz added.

Last year, San Francisco’s rental prices went up extremely fast, second only to fellow technology hub Seattle. Apartments cost about $3,400 per month, which may be driving more middle class locals out of their homes, according to Al Jazeera.

“It’s a shattering experience,” René Yañez explained to the news source. “The days that you leave go out to look for a place, you cannot imagine how depressing it is after spending hours and going through Craigslist and following up on tips … it’s very depressing.”

If you’re a business owner in San Francisco, the cost to maintain operations has risen significantly.Data from Zillow found that prospective startups that want to make this city its headquarters will need to pay millions of dollars — $1 million will only buy you about 1,502 square feet.

However, there are ways to keep administrative costs low in the Bay Area. Newer companies and startups that plan on making San Francisco their home can greatly benefit from lightly used office furnishings. These commercial pieces are assembled and ready for full-time use in your new office space.