The LEED standard has expanded to include multiple types of buildings, including industrial facilities. The United States Green Building Council recently noted on its blog that 1,755 of these facilities have obtained LEED status worldwide.

Keeping these centers green could prove essential as shipping demand increases: the source noted that “behind the scenes” warehouses contribute a lot in the current economy. Right now, the article said, the USGBC’s environmental standard accounts for 496 million square feet of industrial space, with the chance to grow.

Although the source noted the challenge that comes with looking closer at goods production, it also emphasized the rewards of sustainability. Making a real commitment to this doesn’t just send a message – it also saves money over time and could increase a company’s status. Since businesses around the world recognize LEED, achieving certification is one way to take part in a larger push toward environmental awareness.

The Golden State has its own groups making some progress in this area. The Orange County Register recently commented on a California-based initiative for greener manufacturing.

According to this source, the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition will be part of a new plan to develop an efficiency-driven manufacturing hub. Unnamed officials cited in this article said that the chemical production and steel manufacturing industries could use technology to grow more efficient.

Every way a company tries to lessen its carbon footprint could help create a more responsible community. Quality Office Liquidations supports corporate responsibility through environmental office solutions.

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