Your organization may only have a limited amount of money for capital expenditures, which is why used office furniture might be a particularly attractive prospect. If you can cut costs with one department, you create the opportunity to maintain quality while preserving funds for other priorities.

On the other hand, spending in excess can not only affect your bottom line, it can impact your public reputation. CBS San Francisco recently reported that the city’s Arts Commission office has come under fire for spending too much on accouterments for the office.

This goes beyond the basic things that the office asked for, and includes appliances like refrigerators. But the main concern brought up seems to be not what was purchased, but the price, which seems to exceed the standard costs expected. This throws the consideration of the budget into a different light.

The source interviewed Harvey Rose, an analyst who was called to assess the department’s excessive spending in a recent meeting.

“The department is budgeted 46 work stations at an average cost of $4,400,” he said. “That’s $204,000 total. Similar high quality work stations from various vendors cost $1,500 to $2,500 less per workstation.”

These expenditures have surfaced especially in recent discussions because of the total San Francisco city budget, which is more than $8 billion. When looking for ways to cut costs and give communities a break, public offices and private companies alike should consider used office furniture that is appropriately priced.

Choosing used office furniture can help you avoid your company from becoming strapped for cash. Even a difference of just a few hundred dollars an item can positively influence your budget and create cash for future capital expenses.