As the cost of everyday products continues to rise, many of us do our best to pinch pennies. This thriftiness should extend to re-purposing old items: once something stops serving its original purpose, it can be repaired instead of thrown into the trash.

That was the point designer Paulo Goldstein was trying to get  across when he was working on his “Repair is Beautiful” project. Everything that was a part of his show room was initially found in the street, deemed unusable, according to Fast Co. Exist. It took him five days to look for everything he needed for his Master’s assignment at the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design.

“I imagined a situation where we were hunters going around London trying to find what we need,” Goldstein told Fast Co.

Every aspect of the room, which included a chair, table and a functioning “chandelier” was made from abandoned pieces of furniture. Goldstein began exploring this aspect of design when he was among the many London residents affected by 2008’s financial crisis. When he saw how rampant the consume-and-waste culture was, he wanted to show people that there is a benefit to repairing these items.

Goldstein’s “‘Repair is Beautiful” is aimed to show that everyday items can be re-purposed — instead of getting frustrated when things break.

“The final outcome is a collection of intriguingly repaired objects imbued with new meaning and functionality,” he added on his website.

One of the biggest benefits of Goldstein’s approach to furniture design is that many of his supplies are readily available, saving him thousands of dollars, while reducing waste in London. While this is a great way to maximize the use of day-to-day furnishings, it doesn’t work for everyone.

While this is a great way to maximize the use of day-to-day furnishings, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Most of us aren’t designers, but all of us want to save money on commercial furniture. Instead of spending hours restoring a damaged desk or office chair, consider going with lightly-used quality office furniture. Like Goldstein, office liquidators invest much time in finding the right products for today’s office so you can easily find what you want in stock at their furniture stores.