Filling offices with the right furniture is a matter of both style and function. Managers need to make sure that employees can get their work done, but also that everything fits with what the company hopes to say about itself and its general image. And the prevailing styles change, as one article in Consumerist has pointed out.

In the piece, Mary Beth Quirk examines the cyclical nature of office culture and how cubicles, which were once thought to be an upgrade to a cluttered workplace, have been replaced by open offices.

But isn’t this what we had before the cubicles came along in the first place? Thinking in the grander sense, businesses might want to consider the twists and turns that office furniture styles might take in the coming years.

Quirk sums up some of the research done by Nikil Saval in his book “Cubed: A Secret History of the Workplace,” which he discussed recently on Bloomberg TV. The way Quirk puts it, there will be a continuous struggle between open and closed office spaces that will affect the way businesses conduct themselves.

“Basically, we can’t make up our minds and will probably go back and forth between the two styles forever, because all of this has happened before, and will happen again,” Quirk says.

Regardless of your current bias for the best office environment, one priority should be to remain pro-active about achieving an optimal office layout for your company. Used cubicles can give businesses the chance to accommodate privacy when they are designing an office. And when the time comes to change, if it does, a provider of new and used office furniture like Quality Office Liquidations can help usher in the next era, whatever it may be.