Not all offices are equally prepared to improve their recycling activity, and some won’t have a program in place at all. There’s an obvious challenge in starting a recycling initiative from scratch, but it can be done if office managers “plant the seeds” early and pick a green office solutions strategy that is right for them.

For a start, employers should be clear with workers when the recycling policy changes and communicate updates and reminders consistently.
Whether it takes regular meetings, email blasts or other communications, everyone needs to be on the same page, because an effective program requires everyone to participate.
At the same time, there’s no need for recycling to disrupt office practices, especially if organizers have done their homework.

This came up in a recent response from Grist’s environmental column Ask Umbra: In it, an employee of an unnamed Florida business named Sam asks about how to fix a lack of recycling practices in her workplace. Umbra responds by suggesting Sam learn about local practices before pitching it to her bosses.

“While you’re chatting with your friendly neighborhood waste hauler or property manager for rates, find out where the recyclables will go, whether that’s a city service or private company,” she writes. “Ask how your company could get started. If you have corporate neighbors, there might even be an existing recycling program your office could jump in on.”

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