Sitting for long periods of time can be exhausting, and ultimately lead to sluggishness or a lack of productivity in your workers. However, many jobs require a high degree of computer use. Managers can, though, get employees moving in a way that won’t be too distracting from their jobs – and furniture can help.

Fast Company’s Laura Vanderkam recently featured several tips that companies can try, including encouraging face-to-face communication.

“If you need a quick answer to a question, it’s often as easy to walk to someone’s office as it is to email or call,” Vanderkam said. “Face-to-face conversations lowers the risk of misinterpretation, too. If you work with people in different buildings, offer to come visit them, rather than snagging the conference room near you.”

In addition to encouraging more active social behaviors like getting “face to face,” supplying your office with furniture like standing desks can also help keep your workers active. Vanderkam does suggest using standing desks to your advantage, cultivating them as congregation points for employees. As she writes, even getting up once an hour or taking a quick walk can make a difference.

Of course, there are structured activities that your office can use to promote fitness, such as yoga, group exercise or off-site lunches. But day-to-day activities are important, too, and buying the appropriate furniture is the first step in setting the standard for health consciousness.

Investigating ergonomic used office seating and standing desks can help your company’s employees be more productive and healthier overall. Your business can use these pieces of furniture to complement and encourage your existing wellness policies.