Many office jobs require lots of sitting, which can cause medical problems, not to mention discomfort, if employees don’t take at least some breaks for physical activity. The good news is many desks are set up so employees have space to move their feet around, at least a little bit, and foot rests can be used in creative ways to keep them from sitting too still.
Even a traditional “rest” for the feet could allow an employee to get them moving, at least a little bit. Last summer, Gizmodo reported on a “hammock” that lets sitting office workers rest their feet but leaves enough flexibility to gently move them during the day. The particular hammock profiled by the site can also be adjusted to different positions depending on the size of the desk and the way users want to place their feet.
A different “foot hammock” profiled by CNET is on Kickstarter, but seems to have slightly more customization, since each hammock could be made in a different material to accommodate shoes or cold feet, if necessary. As the article notes, the project has been funded by more than 300 percent so far, meaning it is in a high demand.
Another attractive option encourages foot movement more directly. Ross Brooks of PSFK has written about the “ooloo,” a skateboard-like rolling footrest that can be shifted back and forth and stored easily within foot reach. The source also says that different designs of this product allow users to distinguish themselves by picking an “ooloo” with an attractive or striking image on it.
Sometimes, just providing some options for employees to keep their bodies moving will be enough to motivate them to be more active. Consult with a used office furniture liquidation company to find products and solutions that work for your office.