Designing an office that fits the needs of a company can come with a high cost, which is why it is important to ask your staff what tools or business furniture they need to ensure they are comfortable enough to get through the work day.

While some requests, like the implementation of natural lighting options, may be more difficult in some offices than others, Mashable compiled a list of changes that begin with staff members — not the layout of the office.

Employees who take the time to create a workstation that suits their needs end up being happier and more more productive than those who are confined to their pre-determined areas. These subtle changes can be applied to a cubicle or open-floor plan, which will keep the expenses that come with updating an office low.

Portable furniture: Exercise balls, desks with wheels or standing desks enable team members to relocate as they please during the work day. A change of scenery can help workers re-energize and “get a little work done without sitting in the same place all day.”

Plant installations: We aren’t talking about walls full of grapevines, but adding a potted plant across many parts of the office can improve air quality. A small shrub absorbs bacteria and mold from the office, making the entire work area feel a little less stuffy.

Cleaner desks: Some people enjoy working in their own mess, but research found that it is a lot easier to operate from an organized desk because paperwork is easier to identify in folders in comparison to a stack of loose sheets of paper.

Feel prepared to make changes in your office, but don’t have the means to do it? Instead of going to a business furniture retailer, there are quality office liquidators that sell the same products for a fraction of the cost.