The Kansas City Star recently reported on the decision by Sprint’s executive team to embrace a cubicle in an open office rather than a private executive suite. According to this source, 100 employees, many of them in head positions for different departments, decided to move out of their separate offices to create a cubicle-friendly environment. Workplaces around the country that want to follow in these footsteps can do so by finding used cubicles sourced from local companies for an efficient, waste-conscious solution.

In the case of Sprint, the company seems to be replicating other “open office” trends, putting CEO Marcelo Claure in a workstation that loses the extra space and private bathroom of the previous office, luxuries enjoyed by the office’s previous executive inhabitants.

While the cubicle has met with stern resistance in some quarters, Alissa Wehmueller of Kansas City’s Helix Architecture + Design Inc. told the source that the cubicle arrangement specifically parallels the structure of California tech offices.

“For Sprint, if they want the people working there to think they’re at this really innovative, really forward thinking technology company, it should feel like that, and it should feel like what they’re seeing at the places they’re comparing it to,” she said. Video of Claure’s new workstation shows how close it is to fellow employees.

Changing the workstations of several workers at a time, no matter what their position, can be demanding and require a large amount of materials for the redesign. Along with the cubicle walls, companies can also need new chairs and desks that fit into the open office format. All of these things can be obtained through a northern California used office furniture provider that modifies office equipment from area businesses to suit the workspace’s layout and culture.