The spring season is in full swing, but before you know it, summer will be here. This means that school is out, the days are longer and people will be spending more time out and about. If your business relies on foot traffic between Memorial Day and Labor Day, investing in new and used office furniture can make a huge difference.

Whether you’re looking into changing the entire commercial space or adding a few pieces, it is equally important to consider the latest trends. Customers are always looking for inspiration, so why not be that source? You never know, purchasing that bold sofa or rug could be the reason why they come back. Walter E. Smithe Furniture senior designer Michele Ramirez told Lake Michigan Shore why these specific pieces can make such a difference.

“A good rug is worth investing in,” she said. “It can be moved from room to room and it helps anchor a space or define a conversation area.”

While it is important to have durable pieces in the office for employees to use on a consistent basis, buying furniture that keeps up with office design’s trends shows that the business is current with the times.

Earlier this month the High Point Market Authority released its Style Report for Spring/Summer 2014 and found that these type of accents can make an impact. Depending on the type of business, they can serve as the hook to get customers to stop by or help lend a sense of authority.

Cocktail tables for example, are no longer circular or rectangular, they can also be found with “little geometry, a chic statement,” Style Spotter Shay Geyer explained. Another trend for the summer is re-purposing furniture. Business owners are looking for pieces that are able to serve multiple uses, maximizing the investment the best way they can.

If you’re looking to create an up-to-date and efficient workspace this summer, pay a visit to Quality Office Liquidations. Located in San Francisco, we can help startups, entrepreneurs and companies design their office space for the summer at an affordable cost.