Working out in the office sounds harder to implement than it really is. All offices really need is the time, space and willingness to get a group exercise session going. Since many workers are conscious of maintaining activity throughout the day anyway, managers should consider creating a formal exercise option.

Writing for Fortune Magazine, Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite, recently discussed the benefits of group office activities. Calling it a “win-win,” he says that it’s more than just a good way to keep workers from sitting all day: It also increases productivity and feelings of togetherness among all employees.

“It’s not the type of exercise that matters so much as providing a space in the workplace where fitness can thrive,” he said. “There’s a saying that couples who sweat together stay together. I think it’s just as true that companies that sweat together stay together.”

In fact, some suggest that exercise should be seen as a crucial part of the workday as opposed to an extraneous activity that takes time away from “real work.” For one, experts like Dr. Nicholas DiNubile argue that the longer life promised by exercise is worth the trouble. And Ron Friedman, Ph.D., has also identified the benefits of exercise, citing studies that show evidence of less tangible effects like improved concentration and better memory.

To make sure that employees have the space to exercise, office managers should look for quality office furniture that doesn’t take up too much space and allows workers the freedom to move. Lighter furniture also lets workers easily rearrange the office when it’s time for exercise and set it “back to normal” afterward.