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Why Efficiency Helps Manufacturers, Too

The LEED standard has expanded to include multiple types of buildings, including industrial facilities. The United States Green Building Council recently noted on its blog that 1,755 of these facilities have obtained LEED status worldwide. Keeping these centers green could prove essential as shipping demand increases: the source noted that "behind [...]

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Why It Pays To Buy Local Furniture

Grand Rapids, Mich., may be the office furniture capitol of the country, but that doesn't mean ordering from there makes the best sense for a California company. If you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint, one of the easiest ways to do this is to think locally. Just trucking large [...]

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California’s 15-Year Plan For Shrinking Its Carbon Footprint

Businesses in California can take comfort knowing that the state government wants to improve energy use over the next several years. The California Air Resources Board described six "pillars" of an energy efficiency plan that could stretch onward to 2030. According to the Board, these include carbon sequestration, doubling energy efficiency [...]

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Green offices can shine in a big city

Busy American cities often seem like major energy hogs. However, businesses based in urban areas don't have to fret, since these locations are actually better positioned to promote green principles. Margaret Walls of Resources for the Future wrote about the ways that cities can set the pace for energy use [...]

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3 examples of new LEED-friendly California buildings

Major companies are continuing to set strong examples by opening offices in LEED-certified buildings in California. Furniture reuse, especially when it results in lasting, high quality office furniture, can account for multiple credits under the LEED New Construction guidelines. To obtain the best LEED-level accreditation, companies can use some [...]

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Monterey County Improves Local Conference Center

In nearly two years, a renovation project for the Monterey Conference Center will reportedly conclude, leaving the building in a better position to host visitors. This construction work, which began last month, will also see the building reach LEED certification standards, as well as being ADA compliant for better access. [...]

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QOL appears at Lodi Street Faire

As part of its commitment to supporting local communities, Quality Office Liquidations proudly takes part in major events. Sunday October 4 saw the arrival of the Lodi Street Faire, an event that happens twice a year and brings hundreds of California vendors together. To have obtained a booth at this [...]

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WalletHub lists 2015’s Greenest Cities in America

Using information from several government sources, WalletHub recently compiled a ranking of the 100 cities in the United States that rank as the most "green." In addition to providing a general total score, each of the analyzed cities were also compared in terms of their environmental quality and "greenness" of [...]

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QOL Contributes To San Francisco ArtSpan Space

Quality Office Liquidations (QOL) recently helped furnish a unique San Francisco creative space. For artists in the city, ArtSpan has provided exhibition spaces for decades, accommodating more than 800 artists and building an engaged creative community. It's a mission that reflects QOL's values, and we are happy to provide area [...]

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California Granted New LEED Documentation Option

California businesses that want to take strides towards LEED approval and compliance have more resources at their disposal with the announcement of a new documentation process alternative. Late last month, the United States Green Building Council {USGBC} announced the new documentation path, which works in accordance with CALGreen, the standards [...]

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