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Avoiding Waste With Green-Friendly Liquidation

Moving to a new office can force businesses to leave lots of furniture behind. This could lead to a prime opportunity for waste, even if the company is trying hard to stay environmentally friendly. What's the use in looking for a green office if you end up creating a mess on [...]

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Time Is Of The Essence During Liquidation

Used office furniture liquidation plans can run on a tight schedule. If companies can't trust liquidators to meet deadlines, the results could be costly and inconvenient. That's part of the reason local experts make a great choice for offices of any size, because they respect the company's needs and will [...]

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UK Report Demonstrates Benefits Of Furniture Reuse

Green office solutions are not just important for businesses in the United States, and a report from the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in the United Kingdom recently asserted the large role that reusing furniture can play in cutting down on needless trash. According [...]

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Liquidate In A Green Way Before Moving To A Smaller Office

Sudden changes can make it necessary for a business to downsize its office. When this occurs, companies should take a closer look at their furniture and ask whether it will work in their new space based. If you decide to sublet office space, for example, or move to a location [...]

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California Pursues 100 Percent Renewable Energy

Working with office furniture liquidators in Northern CA could help your company reduce its carbon footprint and energy spend. An article in Bloomberg Businessweek recently quoted Michael Picker of the California Public Utilities Commission, who said that it would be possible for the state to eventually harvest 100 percent of [...]

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Liquidate Chairs When Building An Active Office

If your business is ready to radically change the office layout, you'll need help removing your previous furniture. The "standing office" can create a healthier and more active work environment, with more movement and less sitting. To make room for standing desks and other furniture, businesses can hire office furniture [...]

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What Kinds Of Offices Can Benefit From Liquidation?

While office furniture liquidations are adaptable to any setting, here are some examples of specific institutions and how our services work for them. Quality Office Liquidations Inc. has helped many different types of organizations, which is part of how we have learned to provide liquidations that match specific requests. Our [...]

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Get Rid Of Extra Furniture The Right Way With Liquidation

Problems can arise when offices don't know how to correctly and efficiently handle older furniture when it's time to discard it. By working with qualified Northern California used office furniture liquidation specialists, businesses can solve their surplus office equipment issues and avoid some of the more damaging (and illegal) ways [...]

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Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions With Green Buildings In California

In a press release issued this past December, the California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board highlighted the results of a recent University of California Berkeley study pertaining to the way certified LEED buildings in the state have impacted the environment. According to these results, many of the more than [...]

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How can recycled furniture help a project obtain LEED certification?

As the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) website notes, there are four levels of LEED certification for green-friendly buildings: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. For a project to be successfully certified, it needs to be registered and reviewed through the LEED online process. The certification level obtained depends [...]

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