Using locally sourced materials for office furniture may have a direct impact on employee morale if proper care is taken. Companies should embrace both the immediate satisfaction of knowing their employees are happy and the longer-term benefits they will receive from green office solutions. Using glass strategically in office furnishings may help create an atmosphere your company can be proud of that fits your concern and ethos.

While some workplaces may contain a few small windows into conference rooms or individual offices, glass could be incorporated into various pieces for visual interest. Desks can feature long glass tables and workstation walls can also include glass sections at the top. Some offices center themselves around the principles of transparency, including not just open offices but a way to control light and keep people engaged in their environment.

Writing for Tech Co., Diogo Costa said that the physical environment of the office has a direct impact on morale and should be a response to the current problems afflicting the space.

“If people feel that they are in a fish bowl, increase privacy,” he writes. “Conversely, if they find cubicles confining, create more open space. If your office looks good, people will feel good.” What’s more, different kinds of glass features, including doors and wall-length windows, can leave the office feeling new and cutting edge, with this material in unique spaces.

If an office manager has a vision for what the rest of the main workspace should look like, the right suppliers can work with him or her to tailor locally sourced furniture to fit that vision.